Welcome to timtucker.com, home of all things Tim (or at least some things Tim). I've been doing some revamping of the site lately -- hopefully for the better.


Where you are now -- not much reason to go there, since you're already here.


Interested to know what I've been up to, or just want to read about my latest crazy idea? My blog would be the place for that.


Digital photography, artwork, and my anime cel collection.


Various thoughts I've had in regards to different sections of the Bible -- hasn't been updated in a while


Cataloging of games that I own or have played -- I'll probably be replacing this section with an install of OpenDB to catalog all my games/DVDs/CDs soon.


A little bit of the things that I've worked on in the past.


Looking to hire someone? You're in luck -- I'm looking for a job! (my few requirements: decent pay and a chance to change the world)


Just a good old fashioned e-mail link. My e-mail address is tim@timtucker.com (go figure).